Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Metal Clutch

€1 126.00LVR Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Metal Clutch E1126.00 2LVR Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Metal Clutch E1126.00

This clutch bag is incredibly reminiscent of that big silver packet found on the inside of boxed wine. Now, I’m no wine connoisseur but I’m pretty sure that box wine hasn’t ever been the drink of choice for fashion’s upper crust so Anya’s Collection of Metallic Packet Clutches are a  bit of an oddity to me. I have seen them on bloggers at Fashion Week so this is one I will have to disagree on the fash pack with.




Fashion bloggers have quickly taken the places of style MEandLEX Elle1 MEANDLEX BLOGSPOTicons like actresses & musicians – they are admired at from all over the world and people from every walk of life are inspired by their personal style. I am one of those people, so I figured it would only make sense that the first few entries in Gilded will go to Fashion Bloggers from afar.

First up is Aussie beaut, Elle Ferguson!



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Aimee Song #SongxSunglassHut

IMG_4508Global Sunglass company Sunglass Hut invited LA blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style over to South Africa for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. BBlog by South African bloggers Amy Scheepers and Talya Goldberg, along with Sunglass Hut, hosted a blog class with some of SA’s top and newest bloggers to a blog chat session in leafy Melrose Arch.

Here’s what Aimee had to say about blogging, inspiration and her stylish maid!

“My mom always says you always have to be nice to people, like, whether they’re like the cleaning lady at the school, like, I always know, at school I always remembered the janitors name, like, or when I was working a part time job at a restaurant, I always knew every single person’s name, even like the lady who came to clean the bathroom once a week. And that’s just how my sister and I were raised… and because we’re friendly to a lot of people somehow, we accumulated good connections and relations… and that lead to a lot of great opportunities.”

“Actually, the funny thing is, even though I have 1.8 million followers on Instagram, I still have way more followers on my blog, the website itself, because not everybody has cellphones and Instagram so I think I’ll continue doing my blog but in terms of turning it into a big website, like, I have big dreams but there’s only one of me so it’s hard. I would love to do what like Leandra and Emily are doing where they hire a bunch of different writers and put out content , but I don’t know if, how my readers will react because everything I’ve been doing so far is just very me, it’s very organic.”